About us

About Us

The European Investors Council – EIC, is a not-for-profit association, established in accordance with the Law No. 04/L-57 on Freedom of Association in Non- Governmental Organizations in Republic of Kosovo.

EIC Founders

Investors from European Union member states and EFTA countries have founded The European Investors Council (EIC).

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Our Mission

The European Investors Council (EIC) is a unique business association that unites European investors from EU and EFTA countries under a common mission - to enhance the investment climate in Kosovo by advocating for improved legislation and better business practices at the technical level.
We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative and sustainable dialogue among the Government of Kosovo, the private sector, the European Commission, and other key stakeholders. Together, we aim to identify and address critical barriers that European investors encounter in Kosovo.
EIC was established with the goal of facilitating investment initiatives in Kosovo and responsibly contributing to the creation of an efficient business environment. We believe that this environment is fundamental to sustainable economic growth and the enhancement of social indicators. By working together, we aspire to be a driving force in Kosovo's development, fostering a conducive ecosystem for investment and prosperity.

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

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EU Relations Lead

Executive Team

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Emrush Ujkani

Executive Director

Emrush Ujkani – is a lawyer specializing European Union law and currently works as Chief Executive Officer at the European Investors Council. He is a graduate of University of Prishtina law school and holds a master’s degree from Katholieke University of Leuven. At the same time, he is researching and pursuing his PhD in EU Law. Mr. Ujkani served as legal advisor/consultant in the development of a number of important laws in Kosovo.

Mr.Ujkani is a trainer at Kosovo Justice Academy and Kosovo Chamber of Advocates. He also is a lecturer at UBT. Mr.Ujkani is author of the book “E Drejta e Bashkimit Evropian, Parimet, Institucionet dhe Praktika Gjyqesore” Book, published in October 2012. He is author of number of articles related to EU affairs and international law. Mr. Ujkani is fluent in Albanian, English, German, and Serbo-Croatian.

Legal Advisor

Economic Advisor

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